Good News Media is a division of Bible Media, a partner of the church in faith and ministry.

Good News Media is a member of Global Recordings Network (GRN), an international and interdenominational fellowship   that co-ordinates this work in more than 23 countries world-wide, with products available in more than 5 700 languages.

The Need: In Southern Africa at least 50% of the people are not able to read.

Our Answer: Effective communication of the Gospel in the verbal communicator’s mother tongue.

How? Through well researched tools and audio-visual programs. Equipping the church for discipling the nation.

Vision: All people, especially the unreached and those who cannot read, hear the gospel of Christ in their mother tongue and believers are equipped to share the Message with others.

Mission Statement: In partnership with the church, GNM produces culturally appropriate media, containing the Message of the Bible in the vernacular, and equips individuals, congregations and organisations reaching out to the unreached and especially to oral communicators, in order to win them to Christ and build them up spiritually.